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Top Brass: Polished. Satin. Antique. 


One of the biggest trends LightCo saw in Europe this year was the welcome return of brass as a lighting finish. Brass has always been very popular - now even more so!

Chemically created finishes like polished and aged brass are particularly in vogue - highlighting the golden tones of the material. And designers love it!

Today we see many products made of brass, chemically treated to achieve different results - cookware and marine fittings are examples. These finishes are now adding another dimension to great lighting design.

Brass materiality is timeless and historically was seen in traditional lighting such as chandeliers and lanterns. Brass being extremely durable, is suitable for outdoors too. It simply won’t rust, corrode or deteriorate, and over time may change colour slightly through natural ageing giving its unique personality to the piece.

Brass will last and hold its look for many years so as long as it is looked after and not over exposed to the elements. We love brass…take a look how much…



  Sistema Canaline by Il Fanale combines refined craftsmanship with a bespoke approach. Available in natural or antique brass, this modular system is easily adaptable to any room.



Pendant lights from left to right, Lighting Republic Parlour Square and Round Glass, Il Fanale Girasoli Pendant, Il Fanale Alchimia.



Wall lights from left to right, Il Fanale Etoile, Hudson Valley Alden, Feiss Urban Renewal.