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LightCo Meets A Truly Unconventional Italian


Italian lighting manufacturer Karman is a collective of talented designers with an avant-garde approach to branding. Established in 2005 in Fossombrone in the heart of the Marche region, Karman constantly experiments with new and unconventional materials, and true to its word, is creating a collection of ‘lights bearing soul’.

Founded on the premise that a company with a strong identity can get away with being a bit unconventional in its message, the creativity emanating from everything this manufacturer does – as evidenced in its latest catalogue, proves it is forging the path less travelled all the way to success.

Quality and craftsmanship both serve as the foundation for a team of designers who love to experiment with materials as diverse as ceramics and wire, concrete and textiles. And its inspiration comes in the recall of beauty of objects as well as people who wish to give a new interpretation to Italian tradition. LightCo is proud to bring some of this MAGIA ITALIANA to Australia!







The first lamp able to turn the tide: instead of looking at a light object… now light is looking at you!





The carat is the definitive measure of pureness. The 24 Karati is pure Italian handcrafted design brilliance.




Here's a different "creative adventure" - where inspiration doesn't come from a place or an object, but from a value - friendship! Braille displays marks of tribalism impressed in a sphere of frosted glass. It is simple but complex, fun but pure. As friendship!




The line of the horizon. Dies: clear and early morning’s light dividing earth from sky.




The line of the horizon. Dies: clear and early morning’s light dividing earth from sky.




Recalling the appeal of natural light spreading out through rose windows of Gothic cathedrals… present and future coexist, as well as edges and light.




Nostalgic of the past, hold on tight! A lamp recalling the characteristic shape of the “Trulli” – the traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof.