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The Art Of Handmade



LightCo’s Alexandria showroom was transformed for a 1 night event into a 25 seater restaurant,
complete with commercial kitchen, Masterchef-style preparation area and our now famous
signature grazing table as a pre-event appetizer! Our selected guests where invited by phone and had
only been given a few cryptic clues as to what to expect.

A small brown box was then hand delivered a week prior to the event containing a raw LightCo
branded egg nestled within a cocoon of shredded wood wool and a rolled up hand-written note
with a few more clues as to what this event was all about. 

Our theme – “The Art of Handmade”.

During our day-to-day lives we often take for granted the way that items around us are constructed.
For the most part we are surrounded by mass produced products where the design and manufacturer’s
intent is that every single item is identical.

They are the definition of a standardised product. Any difference is regarded as a defect and the
products often disposed of.At LightCo, we embrace these so called “defects”.  We look to
represent brands that are not perfect.

Products that are not identical in finishes that are natural… we look for “the art of handmade”. We look for
products that have the human touch – faults and all! Products that embrace character.A number of our
brands have handmade elements to them - from mouth-blown glasses and hand-forged metal
detailing to naturally aged finishes.

These are elements in a product that we carefully select and choose to include in our offerings.


 The beautiful northern Italian inspired grazing table - yum ! 



Our guests arrived and were adorned with a cotton and leather strapped apron, offered drink and led straight
to the beautiful grazing table for some delicious northern Italian inspired charcuterie - meats, cheeses, olives and
who can forget that homemade focaccia bread - delicious ! 

Guests were then ushered into a different area of the showroom which had been transformed in a commercial
kitchen style preparation area. With stainless steel benches in place, tools of the trade and the amazing three 
professional chefs at hand, it was time to introduce our event. 

This was to hand make pasta. To appreciate the differences, quality and details that go into hand-made
products, our guests would be designing, shaping and preparing their own pasta. 

Guided by the highly acclaimed head chef Andrea Tranchero and his team, they took our guests through a
journey of amazing tales, like when Andrea cooked for some pretty famous people - Giorgio Armani,
Sir Richard Branson and Italian former president - Mr Giorgio Napolitano. 

It was incredible to learn about the different global awards they had won and how instrumental Andrea
has been to a number of Michelin star restaurants across the world.

After the amazing demonstration and the chefs making it look so easy, the creative juices started
flowing and our guests began making pasta - all shapes and sizes where explored, we even saw a
LightCo pasta logo made which was certainly a delight. 

With dough, flour, laughter and smiles around the room, it was time to cook the creations. 



  Flour eggs and water - Chef Andrea Tranchero, his team and some freshly made pasta. 



The showroom entrance became the restaurant with 3 elegantly set large round tables topped with crisp white
linen table cloths, crystal wine and water glasses, fresh rosemary and candle decorations
you’d be forgiven for thinking you where in a fine dining establishment. 

The reception area became the commercial kitchen - trays of freshly made pasta came flying in and the LightCo
team sprung into action as expert waiters and waitresses, kitchen hands, sommeliers and
Managing Director - Roy Doron was seen grating parmesan and cracking pepper for all the guests. 

The chefs ensured that every dish was cooked to perfection. No one was left out and they had even prepared lots of
extra pasta share plates for those who didn’t make enough, or wanted more or perhaps needed to improve their skills!

Beautiful homemade sauces prepared and catered for vegetarians, pescatarians and we couldn’t leave
out the meat lovers with the chef’s famous Ragu Bolognese. 

The room was alive, energy high, tummies full and everyone was having a great time! 

Chefs then brought out homemade tiramisu in beautiful little jars and as an extra special treat; they had also
prepared homemade Limonchello with Andrea’s secret ingredient of fresh vanilla beans!

This was an incredible finish to what had already been an amazing and delicious evening.   

Roy Doron - Managing Director, grating parmesan, ensuring every dish get just the right amount.


 Thank you to all those who attended and expressed yourselves on the night. Together with our team and
the chefs, we all had so much fun and really appreciated that you where able too.

Buoyed by the success of the event, we are now in the process of designing and planning our
second in the series of LightCo Micro Events. 

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