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#SID17: The Project - Click Through


In collaboration with Acme & Co, LightCo is excited to take you through an enchanting visual journey.

We designed and constructed The Project feature known as "Click Through" which is hidden within LightCo showroom.



You enter the tunnel through a concealed entrance, a slight glow penetrates the dark curtains and your first emotion starts...

As you enter, you find yourself captivated within an immersive lighting experience, teasing your senses and transporting you into another dimension.

Your depth of field will be disorientated, your perception of space altered. The floor disappears under your feet and you now understand what it all means... you CLICK.

As you close your eyes and reopen them, your mind registers the transitions, your body's rhythm follows the pulse and movement of the sequences.

the space starts feeling familiar, your heart beat returns to normal and as you exit back into the showroom are you understand how reality is simply a perception of time and space.



If you have enjoyed the tunnel experience  and have some cool images, please share them with us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you haven't yet, we are pleased to welcome you in our showroom and walk you through!

This temporary installation will be taken down in the next couple of weeks!







Technical Information:


Length: 6m

Ceiling height: 2.58m

153x 2.6m acrylic tubes

156 LED chips per tube

95,472 LED's in total

31x 300w Drivers

10x 8 channel controllers

Reflective floor and ceiling by Harlequin Floors

Installation and effects programming by LightCo.