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Meet our new team members


Dikla Palensya- Marketing Manager

My first job after my design B.A was in lighting and I fell in love with it right away. Even my final project in my curatorship diploma was about lighting. After moving to Sydney, I was glad to discover the high level of design here. I had the privilege of working in some amazing showrooms in the past both in lighting and smart home companies, in sales and marketing. So I was thrilled to be welcomed by LightCo's amazing showroom, beautiful products and lovely people.



Mankiran Virk- Sales Assistant

The world of Lighting is so mesmerizing and magical that it has had a hold on to me for almost 10 years. Even today, I look at every light fixture with amazement, by the way these fixtures influence our daily lives and perspective about our surroundings. Coming from India, with an MBA background, I started afresh in this part of the world to be warmly welcomed by this amazing and inspiring LightCo family.