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Northern New Lighting Collections



Northern started an exciting new chapter this year with their new branding. They launched

a furniture range alongside their lighting collections – all in keeping with the brand’s

recognisable and distinctive Nordic style. Northern’s new lighting collections include

three brand new products  Fold, Gear and Blush.  Together with some exciting finishes

from the existing collections, such as Matt Black for the Acorn and Birdy collections.

Also, a new addition to their existing table collection is Buddy wall light.


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Birdy was designed in the ‘modernist style’ way back in 1952 as a table, wall and floor

lamp series. The lamps were manufactured and sold by Sønnico for many years. In 2013

Northern re-launched this design classic preserving the original shape and highly functional

features. The lamp series is available in off-white or matt grey with satin nickel finish and

new matt black colour with black or brass metal finish. 



This spectacular piece is inspired by Japanese origami. Made from laminated folds of wool

fabric and supported by an inner structure that holds its shape. The wool also has acoustic

properties to dampen ambient sound and absorb noise. Below the shade, the bulb

illuminates the folded patterns in the fabric as it casts light evenly over the space below.

The shade can be tilted creating a simple way to direct light or darken part of the room.



Designed with eye-catching rotating gears, these lamps were made for the fast lane!

Just like changing gears in a car, the shade positions are changed manually by adjusting

a lever! Available in floor and table models,they are made in aluminium and steel

and finished in matt black, giving the lamps an industrial look. 


Gleaming brass mesh was the starting point for this pendant lamp. The designer then 

creatively transformed it into a glowing cloud of fire. When the light is off, the ‘fire’

disappears, giving the shade a cloudy appearance. Heat was born out of the designer’s

experiments with clashing materials, and the inspiration to create a large pendant light

characterised by contrasts. The lamp is fiery one minute, then tranquil the next.  



Attractive and understated, this wall lamp is shaped by subtle contours and discreet details.

The black version disappears into the background, whilst the ‘blushing’ pink version is an

eye-catcher! The soft, flexible arm makes it easy to angle the shade and light up a particular

area. The shade can also be lowered and light levels toned down, just as if the lamp is 

blushing in the face of attention. Blush can change a room’s mood at the flick of a switch.



The shade resembles an acorn and is suspended from the ceiling by a silk cord concealing

the power cable. This pendant lamp is a breed of designs that replicate the beauty

of nature in a functional object. Made in aluminium and beech or walnut, and painted

either off–white or grey, the lamp combines natural materials with unassuming colours.

The new matt black version highlights Acorn’s distinctive shape. Acorn is at home in

contemporary interiors, as well a great way to shine light across table tops, desks

and work surfaces.



Buddy is a wall light (a companion to last year's Buddy table lamp) ready to hang

anywhere direct lighting is needed. It is a permanent fixture, designed for installation

to interior walls, freestanding structures, columns and supports. Made with characteristic

multi-directional shade and understated contours, the Buddy wall light is ideal for

most modern interiors. Also available in matt white and matt grey.