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News Flash! LightCo Appointed Oty Australian Distributor


One of Europe’s emerging cutting edge brands have appointed LightCo as sole Australian distributor. LightCo has established an enviable reputation over the years with many top brands and OTY have acknowledged this with our appointment! (Needless to say we are buzzing with excitement – this is a truly unique brand, says Roy Doran). 


OTY’s story...

One cold winter’s night at an Italian uni, two brothers Andrea and Simone Pamio, gazed up at the wall in their room. It was full of sketches of shapes and ideas for lights. 

A lighting brand was about to be born. Oty is the brothers’ university dream, conceived between courses in mathematics and civil code! 

But first their sketches and their flow of ideas needed to be realised. To them, light is not just an industry, it is a precise work with values, concepts and experiences around ideas. By the end of their university experience, the ‘light virus’ had sufficiently infected the brothers Pamio – and lit up their lives.

 They were on their way...they had created Oty. 


Oty’s design aesthetic is sophisticated and contemporary. All products are conceived and manufactured in Italy to the highest quality standards, and as is often with Italian design, tradition and history plays a significant part in these designs. 

Oty lights are not only functional and energy saving but are also available with multiple decorative solutions. The products were designed with interior designers in mind. Oty offers a variety of colour combinations and products can by made in up to 9 different finishes. Some collections even have several fitting variations specially developed by Oty. 

The Oty products are divided into two sections and therefore two catalogues. The first one named "Architectural Lighting", contains mostly technical lighting products. The second catalogue “Architectural Design", features the decorative lighting range. 


Oty Architectural Lighting Catalogue                  Oty Architectural Design Catalogue





These are large grand scale chandeliers offering minimalist sculptural beauty and generous amounts of ambient light. There are three forms: Oval 400cmx240cm; Oval 250cmx95cm or Round 180cm. Ideal for shops, representative offices, restaurants and hotels.




MoMa is a sleek refined pendant, ceiling, wall and swing arm wall fixture light. Available in 9 colour combinations, the light is made of two-tone painted aluminium.  Each light variation provides a great lighting solution with both direct and ambient illumination. Cord heights can be adjusted to hang MoMa at your desired heights. Ideal for use in private residences, offices, restaurants, shops and hotels.




Host is an elegant pendant showcasing the beauty of simplicity. The diffuser consists of two plates - an upper plate in painted metal, available in six different colours and a lower reflector plate in brushed brass finish. Host provides direct and gently reflected illumination that is suitable for ambient and task illumination. Ideal for offices, shops, restaurants and hotels.




The Pinocchio Reading Lamp is a beautifully minimal form functional reading lamp. The head is adjustable to 50 degrees and the arm rotates 359 degrees. It has a dimmer switch on the cord as well as a Night Light function. When the Night Light function is selected, Pop P55 provides a low-level welcoming. Available in 7 colours - ideal for offices, shops, restaurants and hotels. 




Pop P06 bi-colour is a sleek pendant made of an upper painted aluminium cylinder with a brushed brass accent ring. Available in 6 colours specially developed by Oty light to meet the needs of interior designers and the trends in furnishing private environments, offices, restaurants and hotels.  



BonBon is a minimalist pendant light made of painted metal. BonBon provides direct light and comes with a black coaxial cable with Kevlar core. It has an option to be supplied with either a standard surface mounted ceiling canopy with driver inside or for a cleaner look it can be supplied with a flush mounted ceiling plate which will require a remote driver.

Available in 6 colour combinations, BonBon is ideal for offices, shops, restaurants and hotels.



Bijou is a modern pendant light in painted metal and Pyrex glass. The globe’s frosted bottom transitions to a clear top. The frosted glass provides a soft ambient illumination. Available in 7 colours, Bijou is sophisticated and contemporary. Ideal for offices, retail, restaurants and hotels.