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The Art Of Handmade - Drumming








What characterises a genuine handmade product?

Handmade products are inevitably ‘one-offs’!  Even though some might appear identical, by virtue of the fact that hands were

involved, each is unique! Products that have the human touch are products that embrace character. A number of LightCo’s brands 

have handmade elements to them - from mouth-blown glass and hand-forged metal detailing, to naturally aged finishes. 


Following on from our much talked about authentic Italian ‘pasta making’ event held in July, last week’s rhythm infused evening

created a lot of noise! (Especially to our neighbours!)


Pulsating rhythms - high energy and smiles all round 


This time our guests received a small brown box filled with wood chips, a hint to what was to come. Rolled up inside the box,

a hand written note aroused suspicion but divulged nothing more than asking guests to bring along ‘a sense of adventure and

an appetite for all things handmade!’ 


Hidden beneath the wood chips lurked a subtle clue (a sweetener) to help guests try to figure out what the experience would be!

It was a packet of Maynards wine gums, an iconic South African candy! 




Famous grazing table laden with African goodies


On arrival guests enjoying drinks and our famous grazing table laden with delicious traditional South African goodies including

biltong, braai broodjies and droewors themed with an elephant and rhino carving. The showroom decor offered a hint of Africa

which had our guests guessing… but it was only at the first thunderous TAKA-BOOM-TAKA-BOOM-TAKA-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM 

beat of the Djembe drums that they peaked into the inner room to be welcomed by the dynamic Rhythm Village drumming

group –  virtuosos of the skins!

Seated in a circle on low stools with their own drums, guests were advised to flex their hands to the max!




First off, following the theme ‘The Art of Handmade’, guests got a glimpse into the process of creating the authentic Djembe

drum – from a solid piece of timber, shaping and carving the wood (hence the wood chips in the invitation!), stretching the

skin and tightening the rope. Every minor change creates a different sound.


Secondly, the art of hand making sounds on the drums. 

Four musicians, well rehearsed, each knowing what the other will next do, exploded into magical and mystical drumbeats.

Some at the speed of a gazelle being chased through the long grass – others echoing the pounding hooves of 40,000

wildebeests leaping croc infested rivers on the vast African savanna plains. (Get the picture!)

Perched on low stools, each guest with their own Djembe drum, were encouraged and directed

when to join in forming a circle of rhythm!

The engaging and fabulous Josh and his Rhythm Village group had everyone making music together. Drumming, Zulu war

dancing and a few stories and even singing and dancing. The room pulsated with rhythms, high energy and smiles all around. 


Two of the drummers are from Africa and both engrossed us with stories of their traditions. (Seems drumming was the real

precursor to Twitter!) Messages were drummed from person to person, across rivers and valleys, up and down mountains and

the open plains to convey important news. Some rhythms were warnings of impending danger – ‘neighbouring tribe on the warpath’.

Others were good news – ‘the chief has a new baby’! 


Getting the full African experience with some amazing traditional dancing


Then, after the drumming, at the front of the showroom which had been converted into a 5-star-like restaurant, and with rhythm

still running hot through everyone’s hearts and souls, a grand African feast was served. Genuine African cuisine, prepared by authentic

South African caterers, including babotie, lekker boerewors which was braaied (BBQ’d) on the deck outside, sosaties, curried loin

chops, peri-peri chicken, oxtail stew, pap and chakalaka pie, pumpkin fritters and copper penny salad. 


LightCo team serving a delicious South African inspired dinner   


And hoping people still had some room left, this was followed by a trio of desserts and a powerful Don Pedro cocktail. Each table

had bottles of fine South African wines of both hues. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the evening finished with a glass of

Amarula – the traditional South African liqueur. (Made from the same Amarula berry that renders a fully-grown

5,000kg elephant into a drunken stupor on a hot day in the African bush! (Check YouTube)


And we still had to get home!

As guests left, we couldn’t let them go empty-handed!

Each received a hand carved, LightCo branded, half-size Djembe drum …(which of course, everyone now knows how to play!) 


Taking the beat home with handmade LightCo Djembe drums 


It was a wonderful finish to a memorable evening. We hope everyone learned something and enjoyed themselves. 

We certainly did! Thank you all for coming. 


Inspired by the success of this event, we are now in the process of designing and planning a third in the series of

LightCo Micro Events ‘The Art of Handmade’.



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