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Karman Goes Quirky For Summer




Quirky means weird in a good way…and that’s exactly what Karman has achieved.

Their summer range includes some really unique products that still retain the primary function of lighting,

like a garden dwarf holding a torch or common garden tools that are actually lights! Most of

Karman’s outdoor products also have an indoor option. 




It’s an enlightening twist on the ever-popular and mysterious garden dwarf. Is Ottavo the elusive

missing eighth dwarf? And is he is on the lookout for his seven brothers – flashlight in hand! 

Could be…




Styled ‘working garden tools’ are infused by light. Magically light adds a new life and these

three common garden tools begin new adventures – which could take them anywhere.

Watch out at night…




When you step off the patio at night and want to see where you’re going - simply grab a torch –

or better, a cluster of 7 torches. That’s the inspiration here when you want to throw light on any

outdoor area.  



Ululi –Ulula

This is the closest most of us will ever get to the moon - unless you’re Neil Armstrong!

Available in several lunar sizes – both as a floor light and as a pendant.

Made of fiberglass and lace – (not cheese!) 



 Black Out 

Present and past – upper part is a contemporary light sitting over a romantic candlelight.

In two sizes and two finishes (white or clear fiberglass) and three configurations - pendant,

floor and floor lamp on base.




Beautifully detailed glass shapes inspired by decorative lights. Available in three different

shapes and four finishes. Pale yellow clear glass, smoked clear glass, clear smoked glass and

pale yellow glass. 




Inspired by ancient Chinese lanterns, Cell is a cage of light contained within a thin metal wire.

The lampshade of the outdoor version is made of opaline plexiglass, whilst the indoor version’s shade

is a luminous linen heart. Both are finished with a decorative tassel.


Don't Touch 

Can be straight or tied at the top. However, best leave this floor lamp untouched!

Gives great light if left alone…



Dies Nox 

A horizontal fitting, like the line of the horizon, the clear (Dies) is the early morning light and

tobacco (Nox) is the amber sweet light of the evening. Available in rwo finishes - clear glass

and tobacco coloured glass. 




Karman's full outdoor collection: