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Rigg Design Prize 2018 Exhibition



Recognising Excellence In Australian Design  

Excellence in Australian design was recognised at the Rigg Design Prize in Melbourne recently. The Rigg Design Prize is the highest accolade

for contemporary design in Australia. Recurring every three years, it is awarded to an Australian design practice displaying outstanding creative

achievements in contemporary design.

The shortlist for the Rigg Design Prize 2018 included ten Australian design studios working in the field of interior design and decoration. 

The 2018 exhibition theme of “Domestic Living” required each studio to create an interior as a form of communication with values,

ideas and stories embedded which directly engages with the cultural, historical, material and technological aspects of society.


The 10 participating designers and practices are:

Amber Road (NSW), Arent & Pyke (NSW), Danielle Brustman (VIC), Flack Studio (VIC), David Hicks (VIC), Hecker Guthrie (VIC),

Martyn Thompson Studio (VIC), Richards Stanisich (NSW), Scott Weston Architecture Design (NSW)

and The Society Inc by Sibella Court (NSW) – which included LightCo’s products.


Hecker Guthrie from Melbourne was awarded the prestigious Rigg Design Prize for 2018. 

Lead designers Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie created ‘The table is the base’, interior. 



in partnership with LightCo


Sibella Court has developed her distinctive style over 25 years. Her interior entry celebrated “Cabinets of Curiosity” - the original domestic

museum that invites show and tell, touch and feel. “A place to wonder, imagine, think, read, research and create. It is how I want to live with

my family and friends”, she says.


LightCo assisted Sibella with our Italian brand, Il Fanale. These handcrafted products connect her story of magic, history and beauty through light.

Photos: Sharyn Cairns for Sibella Court The Society Inc 



Take it outside, 2018 Amber Road design studio Australia est. 2013

Home: feast, bathe, rest, 2018 Arent&Pyke design studio Australia est 2007

Inner-Terior, 2018 Danielle Brustman design studio Australia est. 2012

Panic room, 2018 David Hicks design studio Australia est 2000

We’ve boundless plains to share, 2018 Flack Studio design studio Australia est. 2014 

The table is the base, 2018 Hecker Guthrie design studio Australia est. 2008

Atelier, 2018 Martyn Thompson Studio design studio United States of America est. 2013

Our natural needs in a digital world, 2018 Richards Stanisich design studio Australia est. 2018

Wunderkammer, 2018 Scott Weston Architecture Design design studio Australia est. 1997

On display in the Rigg Design Prize 2018 at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia from 12 October – 24 February 2019

Photo: Shannon McGrath