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Torremato Indoor Collection



Torremato is a vibrant and relatively new Italian lighting brand (part of Il Fanale) founded in 2011.


While keeping to the well defined aesthetic standards of Il Fanale, Torremato is fresh and colourful with innovative design ideas.

They use different designers including Cristina Celestino who designed the Bonton and the Babette. Cristina is highly though of in the industry.


In 2014 Torremato was recognized as one of the most interesting design brands in the world and awarded the coveted “Compasso d’Oro” for Bitta

(the most iconic product), thanks to the originality of its design in relationship with the environment.


Today Torremato is acknowledged for the gathering and nurturing of young talent and encouraging new ideas.

 Torremato’s catalogue is also different – being more like a magazine.


Torremato’s collection showcases products suitable for indoor and outdoor use for both residential or contract projects.


Indoor collection: 










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