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LightCo Showroom Update


A year ago, LightCo lit up the design world with a brand new landmark showroom on Collins Street, right in the heart of Alexandria, Sydney’s premium design precinct. We now proudly announce our latest product range. Visitors will see the new products from existing brands as well as some recently secured new brands. Either way, there’s lots of reasons to come over.





SIRU is a collection of mouth blown glass pendants. LightCo have recently been appointed to represent SIRU Lighting in Australia. SIRU is a specialist boutique brand of mouth blown glass pendants and ceiling lights made in Italy. The techniques used in the design and manufacturing process have been handed down from generation to generation to ensure the authenticity of these beautiful and unique pieces remains true to its Murano Island artisan heritage. Wire frames are technically crafted using steel alloy materials and once completed, the molten glass is guided into the core of the frame and mouth blown until the hot glass reaches and protrudes past the openings of the frames. This technique ensures that whilst the frames will be exactly the same, no two fittings will ever be identical due to the nature of this craft and technique. SIRU is featured in the newly updated LightCo showroom with four different styles on display. Additional pieces will be added to the display in the months to follow. 



Tala is a young British lighting brand with a mission to create exquisite products that have a positive impact. The company was founded by four friends at the University of Edinburgh with a shared passion for design, technology and sustainability.Tala’s distinctive design rubric combines classic decorative qualities, British industrial influences and pioneering LED technology. What makes a Tala bulb unique is its uncompromising focus on both design and sustainability.When you purchase a Tala product you’re investing in our ethos - this is represented in every detail, from the packaging down to our tree planting program. For every 200 units sold, we plant 10 trees. Inspired by Tala's sustainable ethos, this new collection finds its origins in nature. The glass form is derived from the Voronoi patterns seen amongst the forest canopy. The curved shape of the filament represents the Fibonacci formations found in pine cones and ferns across the forest floor. Inspired by Tala's sustainable ethos, this new collection finds its origins in nature. The glass form is derived from the Voronoi patterns seen amongst the forest canopy. The curved shape of the filament represents the Fibonacci formations found in pine cones and ferns across the forest floor.






The story of Il Fanale Group dates back to 1979 when Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa Martin, decided to embark on an extraordinary journey. The Made in Italy is the Company hallmark: the production blends with sublime handicrafts and latest illumination techniques. The clean and elegant traits complement the Italian manual handcrafts, creating lamps with balanced volumes and creativity. With applications from 4 major categories (internal lamps, external lamps, garden lighting and street furniture) there are plenty of items to choose from. LightCo is the exclusive distributor of Il Fanale in Australia.



Comprising a collection of indoor lamps (from suspension and floor, to ceiling, wall and table lamps), Molecola is a brass range available in both natural and antique-effect aesthetics. Interplay of proportions and combinations, of dimensions, materials and shapes, gives life to the Alchimia range. Comprising delicate refined lamps made of brass and glass, the collection has been designed to make an environment unique and creating a space within the space.



The Étoile collection of indoor lamps is as elegant and sophisticated as its inspiration – the principal dancer of a ballet. The collection comprises a suspension lamp, floor lamp, table lamp and wall lamp, all suitable for bringing that extra touch of class to space.



Torremato is a magnificent collection of interior and exterior designer light fittings exclusively designed and 100% manufactured in Italy. This collection has been released by IL Fanale Group who over the past few years have been expanding in modern timeless fixture designs. Torremato collections include pieces with great aesthetic and functional quality, for interior designing and for the garden, suitable both for home and contract environment.




Narciso is a lighting collection inspired by the small and delicate bellflower. The bell used as a light diffuser, is created through a unique metal turning technique. The shade can be oriented in any direction with a simple intuitive gesture. Available in four different colours - natural brass, antique pink, green and blue. Babette, this collection of suspension lamps is inspired by an ideal banquet, where the stars are the Savarin puddings created using the unmistakable moulds, a perfect example of “culinary microarchitecture”. Available in four glossy colours - blue, green, black and white or matt pink.



Northern Lighting was founded in 2005, and has since established itself as a small dynamic Nordic company specializing in the design and manufacture of lights. Northern Lighting creates designer lights for different moods inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society and the very special natural light. Northern Lighting’s products are created in collaboration with designers, tastemakers and innovators around the world. Established in Oslo in 2005, NL designs are guided by Scandinavian simplicity and the ever-changing character of the Nordic light.





Circle is a minimalist design that breaks away from traditional chandeliers to make a contemporary statement. A single light can be installed on its own to create a focal point, or be combined with several others to create unique compositions. Body colour: Dark grey matt



The shade is comprised of two parts, each one expertly pressed, cut and glazed to meld together into a single, harmonious whole. Stoneware is lighter, brighter and more versatile The top portion of the shade is available in powder grey or dusty blue, complementing a lower part made in classic off-white.


The shade is made from mouth-blown glass and etched by a surface treatment that creates a smooth matt finish. Dahl’s metal parts are dark grey or light green, or made in matt brass.