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Galileo Small Pendant

Product Code: 251.07.OO

IL Fanale® image

Brand: IL Fanale®

Category: Pendant Lights

Availability: 4-6 Weeks


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Galileo Small Pendant

The firm graphic line and the perfect half sphere characterize this collection of lamps, designed as a tribute to the astronomical revolution. The contrast between the outer look made of brass or iron and the interior one done with gold, silver or copper foil, ascribes this product an aesthetic value of great visual effect. Available in brass or iron exterior for diameters 30, 40, 60 cm and in iron exterior for diameter 80 cm. 

Please note: 2 types of suspension is available for this fitting

With or without Hoop

With hoop

  • 251.07.OO - Brass/Brass
  • 251.07.O94 - Brass/Copper
  • 251.07.O95 - Brass/Silver
  • 251.07.O96 - Brass/Gold
  • 251.07.FF - Iron/Iron
  • 251.07.F94 - Iron/Copper
  • 251.07.F95 - Iron/Silver
  • 251.07.F96 - Iron/Gold

Without hoop

  • 251.01.OO - Brass/Brass
  • 251.01.O94 - Brass/Copper
  • 251.01.O95 - Brass/Silver
  • 251.01.O96 - Brass/Gold
  • 251.01.FF - Iron/Iron
  • 251.01.F94 - Iron/Copper
  • 251.01.F95 - Iron/Silver
  • 251.01.F96 - Iron/Gold


Height: 15 cm

Length:  225 cm

Drop: 175 cm

Diameter: 30 cm

Voltage: 240V

Materials and Finish : ● Brass or Iron, Brass, Iron, Gold, Silver or Copper

Lights: 1

Lamp: E27 Max 46W


Based in San Biagio di Callalta, Italy, Il Fanale first opened their doors in 1979. Il Fanale's line of antique style light fittings are designed and manufactured in Italy. Il Fanale is admired by designers and architects across the country and around the world. One look at their range of products will reveal why.

With applications from 4 major categories (internal lamps, external lamps, garden lighting and street furniture) there are plenty of items to choose from. In the words of their website, "Il Fanale Group’s products express the charm and the aesthetic characteristics of vintage lamps, with evocative recalls to poor art and rustic modernity that represent the brightest trend of the current market."

LightCo is the exclusive distributor of Il Fanale in Australia and we are sure this brand of light fittings will add the perfect finishing touches to any home or business.

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Galileo Small Pendant