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Pop Bijou Pendant Light

Product Code: OTY.BJC.23.S.B

Oty light image

Brand: Oty light

Category: Pendant Lights

Availability: 6 Weeks

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Bijou is a modern pendant light in painted metal and Pyrex glass. The globe’s frosted bottom transitions to a clear top. The frosted glass provides a soft ambient illumination. Available in 7 colours, Bijou is sophisticated and contemporary. Ideal for offices, retail, restaurants and hotels.

Height: 28 cm

Drop: 328 cm

Diameter: 18 cm

IP Rating: IP40

Materials and Finish : ● Aluminium, Blue
 ● Pyrex Glass, Frosted Bottom Clear Top

Lights: 1

Lamp: LED 6W 2,700K or 3,000K


One cold winter’s night at an Italian uni, two brothers Andrea and Simone Pamio, gazed up at the wall in their room. It was full of sketches of shapes and ideas for lights.

A lighting brand was about to be born. Oty is the brothers’ university dream, conceived between courses in mathematics and civil code!

But first their sketches and their flow of ideas needed to be realised. To them, light is not just an industry, it is a precise work with values, concepts and experiences around ideas. By the end of their university experience, the ‘light virus’ had sufficiently infected the brothers Pamio – and lit up their lives.

They were on their way...they had created Oty.  

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Pop Bijou Pendant Light

Pop Bijou