Rain Pendant

Product Code: STU.156017

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Brand: Studio Italia

Category: Pendant Lights

Availability: 4-6 Weeks

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Materials and Finish :


Angelo Tosetto, a Venetian with a passion for glass, journeyed to Murano Island to learn the processing techniques and secrets of master glass-workers that have been handed down for centuries. 

At the end of the 1940s, in a small artisan shop in Marcon near Venice, he started designing and manufacturing unique artistic chandeliers characterized by refined and fascinating elegance 

Studio Italia Design was hence born, a company founded on passion and continuous research, and has received many prestigious awards and continues to keep in step with the international markets. 

Nurturing the evolution of architectural solutions, cutting-edge luminous sources both modern and innovative, are combined with classic materials and high-quality metals to work in synergy with efficiency, expertise and attention to the processing techniques. 

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Rain Pendant