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Guide to hanging lights over the dining table


We always wondered how big or how small should be the light fixture of the dining table. Here is a rule of thumb everyone should know.

First thing to be conscious of is the length of your dining table, subtract 15cm on each end and you will get your maximum length/diameter of your fitting.

Now for the drop, all you need to figure out is that the distance between your chandelier or pendant should be at least 80cm.

In the example below, we have taken the London 3 Light pendant from Il Fanale. The length of the fitting is 80cm, so our table can be anywhere from 110cm to longer.

The drop of the London pendant is adjustable between 110cm and 88cm, so it fits just right in the rule of 80cm distance.

If you need help in selecting the right fitting, please do not hesitate to contact us.