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The Robin Hood Hotel

Project by Robin Hood & TLI

A feather in the cap for The Light Impact and LightCo!

The Robin Hood Hotel is an old historic pub located in Norwood in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs and was established back in 1851.

Although its historical facade has been maintained, a new contemporary venue has been seamlessly blended with the original. The hotel provides guests with a range of dining and entertainment spaces.

The Light Impact collaborated with the Robin Hood Hotel owner to design and specify the reformation. They wanted to create lighter more inviting spaces in the property which was long due for a facelift. The renovation involved new furniture, bars and hanging lights and wall lights. These would make a big difference from the darker down-lit area.

The biggest challenge was staying true to the well-loved Robin Hood values of a cozy and warm atmosphere. So stripping back the darker timber and freshening up the space had to be done in such a way as not to be too modern or contemporary!

Having the flexibility of all the lighting to be dimmable and separately switched, enables 'mood changes' to the space to be effortless. During daylight hours, the pendants over the bar area create an open and welcoming feeling. Whereas in the winter months, once the sun has gone down, the wall lights create a warm cozy feeling, providing a great contrast for the space.

The Light Impact says, “we received fantastic assistance from LightCo. Their product knowledge is second to none and that is something we find difficult to receive on a consistent basis from others. When something didn't quite work, they had alternatives for us at the drop of a hat and gave us plenty to think about when designing”.


Designer - Colaboration between Robin Hood & TLI

Supplied - The Light Impact

Photos - Duncan Mckenzie


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