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Manly Greenhouse

Project by Luchetti Krelle


Manly Greenhouse, a brand new landmark multi-storey beachfront bar and restaurant was recently opened by Greg Anderson and Patricia Nunes – the talented team behind Sails at Lavender Bay

Manly Greenhouse is built on three levels. The street level bar is a casual Italian all-day dining restaurant. Its glass front allows diners to absorb both street and ocean views and the open floor plan has access to the bar, coffee counter and pizza oven. The middle level is a refined grill restaurant centred around a large charcoal grill. The rooftop bar caps the project with panoramic ocean views. A central bar being the focal point is nestled beneath a green canopy of cascading ferns.

Designer Luchetti Krelle’s brief was to create a unified venue across the three levels whilst also providing individual experiences within each floor. The inspiration for the project Luchetti Krelle says, was two fold; the natural and free spirited Manly Beach culture is translated through the merging of the outdoors with the interiors. Details such as the retractable roof and the ground floor windows which fold upwards both connect the outdoors and ocean views and convey a natural, light and airy ambience. The concept of the traditional greenhouse is translated through the use of lightweight steel structures, transparent materials and an abundance of greenery. The natural light of the space is accented with an array of strategically placed wall and ceiling lights.
LightCo consulted closely with the designers in coming up with the rooftop lighting.


Meet the Designers: Luchetti Krelle
Luchetti Krelle is a Sydney based dynamic interior design firm specialising in hospitality venues.
Their innovative and captivating interiors combine with a highly practical knowledge of project management and construction processes. 
With the experience of the two directors, Stuart Krelle and Rachel Luchetti, clients benefit from the ability of the firm to cover all aspects of the project from conception to completion. 
Their design philosophy does not rely on current trends but rather on the specific client’s commercial purpose.
This way Luchetti Krelle’s clever design deliver projects with a timeless relevance representing value to their clients both now and in the future.


Luchetti Krelle Pty Ltd

56 Cooper StreetSurry Hills NSW 2010

+61 2 9699 3425


Photos by: Anson Smart



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