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Origin Energy Australia

The Bell series consists of shiny porcelain pendant lights. The pure beauty of archetype forms was the inspiration for these creations by designer Mark Braun. In celebration porcelain as a substance and its glossy, glazed surfaces, the Bell lamps have coloured outer surfaces contrasted by the pure white porcelain on the inner surfaces.

The light is available in a range of colours inspired by Scandinavian rocks and plants. Bell creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and is perfect to use as a pendant above a table, bar or lounge areas. It also emits a beautiful sound if tapped upon – but be careful… you don’t want to break it!

Sunset Design Lab Torremato

Redefining modern twist to one of the most traditional types of lighting fixtures, the half sphere.

Sunset is a lamp inside that renews the classical vocabulary of half-sphere thanks to colors and finishes that make it extremely timely and suitable for contemporary living.