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Form and Balance: Bert Frank News 2022

Bert Frank is well-known for their designs inspired by classic and industrial architectural styles, newly launched are two new interior lighting collections that exude a timeless modernity. Introducing the Occulo Collection and Corbel Table Lamp.

The Occulo Collection consists of a pendant light, wall light, side table lamp, table lamp and a floor lamp. All feature a glowing opal capsule shade that illuminates any space with charm. An entirely new silhouette to Bert Frank’s collection combined with precision-etched brushed brass detailing.

Occulo Pendant Light by Bert Frank

The Occulo Pendant Light is a slim, cylindrical pendant suspended elegantly, encased in a laser-etched brass panel. Well suited over a kitchen island, styled as a single unit or clustered at varying heights to add a sense of drama. Great for dining or relaxing, the softly diffused interior lighting creates a rich and ambient environment.

The eye-catching cylindrical pod-like shade of the Occulo Wall Light glows softly with elegance, encased in a laser-etched band of brushed brass. The matte opal glass hangs from a swooping cord, fixed onto a machined-brass bracket. Sitting beside a fireplace or animating a hallway, this versatile piece brings sophistication to any wall.

Occulo Wall Light by Bert Frank

The pill-shaped opal shade of the Occulo Side Table Lamp glows with opulence, sitting tall and proud on a thick solid brass base. The capsule lamp will complete your desk or bedside table, with a practical grooved tray machined into the base.

Occulo Side Table Lamp by Bert Frank

The other style of table lamp in the Occulo Collection, simply known as the Occulo Table Lamp features a cylindrical opal capsule that sits seamlessly upon a fine disc-shaped base made from solid brass.

Occulo Table Lamp by Bert Frank

The soft opal capsule of the Occulo Floor Lamp hangs gracefully from a swooping cord, fixed within a brushed brass stand. The weighty machined brass base features a grooved inlay, adding extra depth and texture. Perfectly fitting to a moody snug corner hung over a statement armchair.

Occulo Floor Lamp by Bert Frank

The Corbel Table Lamp features a luxurious design that explores asymmetry, form and balance. A brass sphere sits between two large cuts of polished marble, distinctive with unique veining.

Corbel Table Lamp by Bert Frank

A bold and sculptural statement piece, Corbel’s opal diffuser casts a soft downlight onto the mirrored sphere, reflecting a warm glow back into the room. 

The Corbel Table Lamp is available in three finishes: White Carrara, Guatemala Green and Black Nero Marquina marble.

Bert Frank’s latest two collections exhibit a luxurious and contemporary aesthetic inspired by classic styles ranging from: Art Deco and Bauhaus to Mid-century. The exquisite construction of each product in conjunction with the weight of solid materials used, ensures that these interior lighting fixtures have been built to be loved for a lifetime.

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