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Undoubtedly Karman.

Since its birth, Karman has demonstrated an outside-the-box approach. Both in the way they conceive “art design” for the creation of indoor and outdoor lighting systems and in the way they have chosen to narrate the brand itself, developing unique and distinctive campaigns.

During its relatively young history, Karman has collaborated with some of the most established designers in the industry. Amongst the most prominent names are; Edmondo Testaguzza & Paola Navone and this year with world-renowned architect Marc Sadler.

Karman hasn’t disappointed this year with their latest release of collections, continuing with their distinctive approach to outdoor and indoor lighting. See below the Karman News 2021 Products.

Circus Pendant Light by Karman

Circus Pendant Light is a collection of three blown glass indoor pendant fixtures. These lights are hand-crafted using an ancient technique dating back to the sixteenth century, which involves winding and lengthening milky white strips of glass onto the molten glass.

Filomena Hanging Floor Lamp by Karman

Filomena Pendant Light is a collection that consists of a Pendant Light, Pendant Light Cluster, Hanging Floor Lamp and Wall Light.

The light on its own is a simple black aluminium cone. The system branches out from this core element towards the ceiling or wall; which can be suspended from different heigh by means of long, thin cable.

Two cones can be installed along the cable. The smaller cone directs light downwards, while the larger cone directs light upwards. The cones can be spaced apart and hooked to the ceiling or wall using special black aluminium deviators.

Corrado Wall Light by Karman

Corrado Wall Light designed by Matteo Ugolini for Karman takes on the form of a bull’s head, a symbol of fury and virile strength, complete with light-up horns and a nose ring.

The Corrado Wall Light joins the Karman Zoo Collection, an eccentric range of animal heads which already includes Ugo-Rilla (Gorilla), Amsterdam (Bulldog), Aprile (Fish), Cuban (Toucan) and Ti.Vedo (Owl).

The wall light collection is available with a black velvet finish and a black or white ceramic finish.

Fireman Floor Lamp by Karman

Fireman Floor Lamp designed by renowned architect Marc Sadler, for Karman, is an extendible floor lamp that gives tribute to aerial fire ladders and is reminiscent of New York fire escapes. The lamp is anchored to a triangular base made from painted black iron.

By moving and adjusting a pivot, the Fireman Lamp can be extended up to 3.2 metres in height for rooms with high ceilings.

The lamp is composed of two adjustable LED lighting bodies of different diameters (48mm and 78mm), which can be dimmed individually using the Karman app.

Stant Circular Pendant Light by Karman

Stant is a series of suspension and ceiling lights inspired by the basics of geometry: lines and circles. The collection consists of a linear pendant light, circular pendant light and wall light.

All components of the Stant Collection are visible and assembled with visible pins, into which elements such as cylindrical spotlights or satin-finish spotlights made from blown glass of varying different sizes can be freely inserted.

The Stant system leaves you free to create your own personal micro-structure thanks to elements that don’t require additional power cables.

Moonbloom Pendant Light by Karman

Moonbloom Pendant Light by Karman consists of a think, black cable hanging from a baroque rose made from white plaster with floral motifs, leading to one or two black aluminium cones.

With its combination of a classic ceiling motifs and core shapes, the Moonbloom architectural suspension system often goes unnoticed because it is so discreet.

The ceiling rose can be painted so that its features can be transformed immediately with a simple gesture.

Stralunata Pendant Light by Karman

Stralunata Pendant Light by Karman projects a halo of light which emanates from an inverted black aluminium cone, that reflects off a flat, white aluminium disc, which is reminiscent of a moon.

This high-wire system of weights and counterweights creates a soft, elegant suspension light with a super minimalist aesthetic.

The Stralunata Collection is available in two sizes.

Sibilla Pendant Light by Karman

Sibilla Pendant Light by Karman is a creative geometric composition of vertical and horizontal arms, leading to cones housing light sources that transmit light in all directions.

The indoor pendant changes in appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

The name is a tribute to the myth of the Sibyls and their prophecies which spread as subtly as the streams of light emanating from this original suspension system. It is available in three different sizes, in black or white.

Movida Outdoor Wall Light by Karman

Movida Outdoor Wall Light by Karman consists of a spotlight and adjustable disc which play with light and shadow, casting imaginative patterns onto the wall.

The cylindrical white (or black) aluminium spotlight distributes upper and lower light sources, which bounce off one (or more) adjustable white aluminium deflector discs.

The cylindrical spotlight can also be installed as a standalone component, and both designs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Xana Spike Light by Karman

Xana Spike Light by Karman is a lightweight outdoor lamp, with the underside of the disc concealing a LED light source and mimics the appearance of a delicate water lily.

The Xana collections are available in different heights, and this floor lamp can be planted like a flower to illuminate the path on your terrace or in your garden.

To view the full Karman 2021 Collection click here


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