Are all the products in your website on display in your showroom?

Our Showroom is more of an inspirational space, to assist you with gaining a better understanding of the the products and brands we represent. You will be able to view a large selection of styles, shapes, finishes, textures and effects to help you you select the most appropriate products for your project.

Where is your showroom located?

We are located in the heart of the Alexandria design precinct, surrounded by beautiful cafes and industry showrooms. Our address is 100 Collins Street, Alexandria NSW 2015. Closest corner to our showroom is Bourke Rd.

Do you have any visitor parking available?

Yes, we have 2 dedicated and secured visitor parking spaces, let us know if you need one and we will be able to assist and provide clear instruction on where it is.

Is you showroom open to the public?

Yes we are, but due to the recent pandemic we ask that you please make an appointment by calling our showroom or messaging us.

Do I have to book an appointment to visit the showroom?

Bookings are preferred but not essential.

What are the opening hours?

Our sales team is working in the showroom from 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Are you open on the weekend?

We can accommodate appointments on Saturdays between 10 am and 2 pm. Bookings preferred but not essential.

What if I can’t make it there during regular business hours?

We are extremely accommodating and realise that it is not always possible to visit during our normal hours. Contact us to arrange an out of hours appointment.

Do you open on public holidays?

We know our team also deserve a break and so we do not open on any public holiday.

I am still concerned about my health and safety after the pandemic, have you done anything extra to help protect me?

Absolutely, we take our staff and visitors health and safety extremely seriously. Our showroom is equipped with hand sanitiser stations in multiple locations, medical-grade air purification system has now been installed throughout, and if you require, a free high-grade facemask can be provided.

We strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines as well as introducing an appointment only policy, this means that you will be the only visitor in the space during your allocated time.

We hope that with these new measures together with our refreshed showroom environment, you will feel as safe as we do in our home away from home.


You have so many amazing lights on your website and its hard for me to choose, can you help?

Absolutely, we suggest you provide us with a description of what type of product you are looking for, when you need it, a budget, and any other information you feel will help us understand your requirements. Our team will then get back to you with the best and most suitable solutions for your requirements. Easy!

I forgot to order the lights and now my electrician needs them ASAP, do you keep stock ?

Some of our products are kept in stock and the quantities change on a regular basis.The majority are ordered from the suppliers as needed and then imported into australia for you. This process takes between 4 and 14 weeks, depending on the supplier and product selected.

We suggest you always reach out to our team who will be able to work with you to try find a suitable product within your required timeframe.

We often have some tricks up our sleeves.

I want my lights to be energy efficient LED based, what can you suggest ?

As the majority of our products are decorative and each can accommodate a variety of different light bulbs, these bulbs can be energy efficient and mostly LED based.

We do suggest you talk to us about all your requirements so we can ensure you will be getting best and most suitable product according to what you want.

I need outdoor lights suitable to be used near the ocean. Do you have ones that won’t rust?

We have a huge selection of exterior lights available, with most of our products tested and suitable for near water conditions. Make sure you let us know exactly where these will be going and how exposed they will be to ocean spray so we can show you the most suitable options.

Do you sell any replicas ?

No No No !

All our products are 100% genuine design from the brand that produces and designed the products. We have never and will never disrespect a designer or brand by entertaining the idea of selling any replicas !

It’s simply just not ok !!!

What is the product warranty?

All our products are covered by a minimum 24-month repair or replacement warranty. Warranty is only valid if the products were installed correctly, as intended, and by a suitable and certified contractor.

Does the warranty cover the cost for an electrician?

Our warranty covers repair or replacement of the fitting only, and does not cover costs associated with removing and installing of products. On occasion and by the sole discretion of LightCo management would we make an exception to this. Talk to our team who will be able to assist you though the best and quickest way of resolving any issues you may have.

Do all your products meet Australian electrical and safety standards?

We have been importing light fixtures into Australia since 2006 and we ensure that each and every product we sell complies with local electrical and safety standards.

As our managing director says, he would put any of the products we sell into his own children’s room – Safety is non negotiable !

I have seen a product on an overseas website but not on yours, can you get it for me ?

If we represent the brand, then typically we would be able to get it in for you as long as we can ensure it is suitable to use locally. Sometimes not all the collections are displayed from all of our brands on our website, so give our team a call or send through a link / images of what you are looking for and we will get back to you with answers and a solution.

Are all products imported by LightCo suitable for use in Australia?

YES! We will never sell a product that it not suitable to be used in Australia under the local laws and regulations. LightCo has a dedicated team and workshop to allow us to test products, require products and ensure their absolute suitability prior to sale.

Are spares available for the fittings we purchase from LightCo?

As the official importer and distributer for all our products, we work directly with the factories and brands who make the products we sell. If they have the spares available, we can get it in for you !

Can you help me get spares for a light I purchased directly from overseas?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist you with any spares for the product not purchased through LightCo or one of our local authorised dealers.

I ordered a light directly from overseas, which you sell, but now my electrician won’t install it, can you help?

We get this question very often and unfortunately we won’t be able to assist you for any products you have not directly purchased through LightCo or one of our resellers. We have no way of ensuring that this is not a replica or reject. We can not be responsible for any losses or damages.

All products imported by LightCo are covered by local warranty, insurance and peace of mind.


Do you offer a lighting consultation or design?

We do not offer a lighting consultancy or design service, but we do work with a number of extremely talented firms and people who offer this service and we would be happy to make an introduction.

Our team can have a look at your lighting plans, images and drawings and provide you with comments and advice on which fixtures from our range we suggest would be most appropriate and best suited according to your requirements.

Should I bring pictures and floor plans when I visit your showroom?

Absolutely ! The more information we have the easier it will be for us to understand your space, vision and requirements. We need to know the size of the various spaces you want to light up, ceiling heights, what kind of furniture will be in the space paint colours, etc.

As lighting is closely linked to your interior and outdoor designed spaces, we want to ensure we are able to provide you with the very best and most suitable product possible.

Do you provide Lighting calculations or IES files?

As the majority of our lighting products are decorative focused, they typically do not have technical information such as IES files. This technical performance would then depend on which light bulb is selected to be used within the fixture.

We can have a chat directly to your lighting designer and work with them to ensure they can receive as much required information as we have available, to assist with the calculations.

Do you install the products or recommend any electricians?

We don’t offer an installation service and would typically recommend that the current or previous electrician who has worked for you continue to do so and install the products. They would have a better understanding of your property, and should be able to install the lights much quicker than someone visiting for the 1st time.

If you are still stuck, give us a call and we can provide a few names and numbers of electricians we have worked with in the past.

Exchange, refunds & damages

Do you accept a refund for change of mind?

Considering the vast selection of products we offer, our stock is rather limited. We typically specially import products as they are requested and orders by customers. Any product specially ordered will not be subject to return or refund for change of mind.

What if I ordered a fitting and it is not the same as the description or image I was shown?

Human mistakes happen and we will back our selves and our clients 100% – if the error is clearly done by LightCo, we will work with you to correct this. If not possible – provide a refund and accept return.

If the product takes longer to arrive than I was initially quoted, do I have the right to cancel and request a refund of my deposit?

We give a window of how long goods are expected to arrive in and after being in business since 2006; we are pretty good at this. Exceptions happen and sometimes mistakes occur. we will communicate any delays as they come up and please appreciate that these delays are typically 100% out of our control.

My electrician installed a fittings that was damaged and threw away the packaging, what do I do now?

Please appreciate that if a damaged fitting has been installed, it is really difficult for us to accept the responsibility, as we have no recourse with either the couriers or the manufacturer. Logic and fairness will determine the outcome of these type of claims.

What if I received a damaged fitting?

S#!T sometimes happens and as we are sure you can appreciate, damaged fittings that are specially imported are an absolute pain for all of us! We ask that you inform us within max a few days of receiving the order and that you provide images of the packaging inside and out, as well as a few pics of the damaged part. We will either arrange to repair or replace, whichever is quicker and less disruptive to all.


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