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The Garden at the Lord Dudley

project by Amber Road



When Amber Road asked us to collaborate on this project, we were intoxicated with excitement! It’s not everyday you get to make a contribution to an icon – that’s certainly how we saw the famous Lord Dudley pub and restaurant in Paddington. (Good spot for a drink too!)

Amber Road is one of the most awarded young landscape and interiors practices working in Australia today. Their aim here was to create a venue for day and night, both a public space or a private party venue. Nothing was to be extraneous - every aspect had to be functional, flexible, delightful and relevant to the whole.



Every project is not without its challenges and the Lord Dudley was no different. Amber Road says, “the apparent simplicity and elegance of this project belies the many technical complexities we faced. The basement was incredibly dark to begin with, so to achieve a light filled dining hall and intimate bar, we ripped off the existing roof, designed and installed an elegant new fine steel framed glass conservatory, complete with lush green hanging garden and steel framed doors and windows to complement.

We resurfaced the walls with sandstone to reference the area´s origins as a quarry, resurfaced floors in limestone cobblestones, pairing it with custom made leopard carpeting. We then relocated and redesigned the bar, sourced and custom designed light fittings (with LightCo's help of course], commissioned artisan finishes to the roof, doors and walls and sourced, repainted and reupholstered furniture. A private dining area named the Bordello afforded an intimate dining experience and all bathrooms were completely refurbed.”

LightCo is extremely proud to have been associated with this project, especially because we had the chance to propose various customized lighting options. From initial conceptual ideas, working closely with Amber Road, we created the final custom made pieces. A unique project like the Lord Dudley required bespoke solutions – and LightCo delivered!




Meet the Architects: 

Amber Road

Amber Road is one of the most exciting, and most awarded, young landscape and interiors practices working in Australia today. The practice is known for its nuanced, sophisticated approach to design, and its practical, considered approach to delivery. Since forming their practice four years ago, Katy Svalbe [Landscape Architect] and her sister Yasmine Ghoniem [Interior architect] and their team have successfully applied their well honed design aesthetic and collaborative approach to a range of unique and often challenging commercial, public, residential and hospitality projects, with outstanding results. Amber Road has been shortlisted for, or won, 15 design awards in the past three years, including being winner of this year’s Belle Interior Design Awards Emerging Design Star category and highly commended at Australian Interior Design Awards 2017 for emerging practice. While the Amber Road practice may be relatively young, its principals bring a unique breadth and depth of experience to each project they undertake. Katy Svalbe lived and worked in Spain for six years, where she was involved in the design and delivery of major projects; the largest being the scale of a city, near Madrid’s Barajas airport. After graduating in the USA, Yasmine Ghoniem lived and worked in the States and the Middle East before returning to Australia in 2013 to form Amber Road with Katy. At all scales and budgets Amber Road’s goal is essentially the same: finding the optimal design solution, one that will enrich the lives of the people who inhabit or use the space. In addition to their design work, both directors are sessional design tutors in Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture respectively at the University of NSW & UTS.