Creating functional solutions: Lodes Canopies

A Canopy is a system that conceals the electrical joints of a light source, creating functional solutions to support the body of wall or ceiling suspension lights. Lodes canopies are a stand–out decorative element which helps to give individual light fixtures an original look and to make arrangements of light fixtures truly unique.

The numerous variations, designed to organise cables and position the light fixtures individually or in groups, offer the best solution for different customisation requirements in living spaces. The Canopy variations include single canopies and multiple canopies.

Further information on all variations can be seen below:

Single Canopies & Multiple Canopies
Random Solo Pendant Light & JIM Collection Pendant Lights by Lodes

Single Canopies
Single canopies are ideal for highlighting the corner of a room or enhancing single light sources. They can also be used to create multiple custom combinations on high ceilings or in situations which do not allow lights to be grouped in a cluster.

Single Mini Canopies
JIM Cylinder, Cone and Bell Pendant Lights by Lodes

Single Standard Canopy and Single Mini Canopy
The single standard canopy is a small circular structure in a matte white metal measuring 12.5 centimetres in diameter which can be adapted to all single cable suspension lights (i.e. ones featuring a single power supply cable). The simple, clean lines of this element make it suitable for almost any type of ceiling.

For greater installation flexibility and space-saving size, there is a compact mini version with just an 8 cm diameter and available in 4 different finishes: matte white, matte black, coppery bronze and chrome.

Recessed Single Micro Canopy:
The recessed micro version of the single canopy, designed specifically for false ceilings, means this system can be installed directly on the ceiling, allowing the power cable to emerge cleanly and simply. Ultra–flat, slimline and just 4 cm in diameter, when the light fixture has been installed, the recessed micro canopy looks like a small round ceiling decoration.

Single Canopies: Standard Single Canopy, Single Mini Canopy & Recessed Single Micro Canopy

Multiple Canopies
A-Tube Nano Pendant Light by Lodes

Multiple Canopies
Multiple Canopies are truly unique combinations of light fixtures which consist of four different categories: the Round Cluster System, Rectangular Cluster System, Radial System & the Track System.

Multiple Canopies: Round Cluster System, Rectangular Cluster System, Radial System & Track System
Round Cluster System, composition of 5 Lights
Jefferson Pendant Lights by Lodes

Round Cluster System
The Round Cluster System is a circular system for hanging suspension lights from the ceiling. It is a decorative element fitted with a variable but predefined number of holes and used to create more or less compact clusters of light fixtures based on the type of space and ceiling.

Available in a variety of sizes:
· the canopy with a diameter of 38 cm can be used for compositions of 3, 5 or 7 lights;
· the canopy with a diameter of 70 cm can hold up to 14 lights;
· the canopy with a diameter of 96 cm allows up to 24 lights to be suspended;
· the canopy with a diameter of 116.5 cm can be used for light installations with a maximum of 36 lights.

Round Cluster Systems: 3 Lights, 14 Lights, 24 Lights & 36 Lights
Rectangular Cluster System, composition of 14 Lights
A-Tube Nano Pendant Lights by Lodes

Rectangular Cluster System
The Rectangular Cluster System is a ceiling suspension system in the form of a parallelepiped. It is a decorative element fitted with a variable but predefined number of holes and used to create more or less large compositions which offer different hanging possibilities based on the type of space and ceiling.

Available in various sizes:
· 70 cm long canopy is designed for compositions of 7 lights.
· 140 cm long canopy comes in two widths: 45 cm for 14 suspension lights or 90 cm for 28 lights.

Rectangular Cluster Systems: 7 Lights, 14 Lights, 28 Lights
Radial Cluster System, composition of 14 lights
Spider Pendant Lights by Lodes

Radial System
The Radial System is an innovative structure which allows to manage different individual suspension cables separately starting from one canopy. This system is, therefore, useful for building multiple ceiling or wall compositions with an unusual shape or to increase the potential of a single wall or ceiling light point. It also allows to efficiently and elegantly illuminate irregular ceilings or with beams.

The Radial System is based on a circular canopy in matte white metal. By passing the cables of the single lights through the holes on the side of the canopy, it is possible to decentralise the suspension point of the lights starting from a ceiling or wall light point. It is, therefore, possible to manage the length of each single cable by fastening the cable to the ceiling in the desired point by using small transparent polycarbonate wall & ceiling anchors (Radial Swag Kit, to be ordered separately).

This system offers different composition possibilities based on the number of holes on the canopy.
· Single or Double – The ceiling bracket for single decentralised or double facing suspension has 2 side holes.
· 4 lights – The radial canopy with a diameter of 12.5 cm has 4 side holes and allows the installation of up to 4 lights.
· 12 lights – The canopy with a 25 cm diameter has 12 side holes for a maximum of 12 lights.
· 28 lights – The canopy with a 42 cm diameter has 28 holes for the installation of up to 28 lights.

Radial Systems: Single or Double, 4 Lights, 12 Lights, 28 Lights
Short Track System, the composition of 7 Lights
Random Pendant Lights by Lodes

Track System
The linear track system is a structure in matte white metal for suspension lights. This system offers different linear composition possibilities with a varying number of light fixtures depending on the installation method chosen, i.e., suspension aligned in height or decentralised suspension.

The multiple linear tracks are available in two different sizes:
· Short Track – 90 cm in length, allows to install up to seven suspension lights.
· Long Track – 150 cm in length for compositions of up to 11 lights.

Track Systems: Short Track & Long Track

Lodes canopies are great decorative elements that can give individual light fixtures their own personalised look. The variety of the range provides an array of of possibilities to personalise any living space, whether residential or public.

For further information on canopies and compositions, please contact our team at

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