Introducing BOMMA by Bomma

Introducing BOMMA

LightCo is excited to announce the addition of BOMMA to our portfolio of brands, further enhancing our wide range of decorative lighting.

BOMMA’s lights create a distinct impression in any interior: a spark of joy, a playful touch or an awe- inspiring moment, often thanks to their epic size.

Used as statement pieces, BOMMA lights enhance commercial, home, and hospitality spaces. Even when not lit, they serve as sculptures: ethereal and artisan-made fixtures that elevate interiors.

Individual pieces become building blocks for lighting clusters, allowing architects and interior designers unexpected freedom and flexibility.

Next-level craft

The company was born in the historic Bohemian region of Czech Republic, with centuries of glassmaking heritage. BOMMA saw the opportunity to elevate this traditional craft to sophisticated mastery. Their glassmakers are the best from among the Czech talent pool; talented and experienced craftspeople who are able to hand-blow crystal in monumental sizes. All BOMMA crystal lighting is handmade, often redefining what is physically and technically possible.

BOMMA’s master glassmakers are backed by over 300 team members and state-of-the-art facilities. This enables creating pieces previously considered impossible. Some products are so physically demanding that only several can be produced each day, while other designs require glassmakers with specific skills.

Original technologies

BOMMA’s parent company specialises in developing technology for the glassmaking industry. It also invents original tools and methods for proprietary use, enabling BOMMA master glassmakers to go a step beyond their craft. High-precision glass melting, batching, colour-blending and cooling allow them to hand-blow extraordinary products. This advanced environment maximises human potential and fosters authentic craft.

21st-century glassmaking combines science, technology and craft. As a progressive brand, BOMMA continually invests in state-of-the-art technologies. Their glassworks are among the most advanced facilities worldwide.

BOMMA and LightCo

LightCo is proud to be the exclusive distributor for BOMMA in Australia. Find out more about their products:

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