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The industrious Spanish lighting brand, Aromas, has released their AW22 News with 20 new collections.

The fast-growing luxury lighting brand continues to expand on their range of pendants, wall lights, table and floor lamps. Traditional materials such as metal and glass are a staple of their designs, but Aromas are increasingly using marble, ceramic, and rattan to create on-trend and dramatic looks that elevate interiors.

Central to Aromas’ design philosophy is balance – a harmony of solidity and lightness, practicality and whimsy. The result is elegant and timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

In partnership with Aromas, LightCo is excited to offer the following collections from AW22:


Portable Lamp Aromas Bally
The Bally portable lamp in matte black.

A portable table lamp inspired by the aesthetic of luxury Swiss fashion house, Bally. The metal component is available in matte black or brass, the transparent glass is fluted, and it’s finished with a synthetic leather handle.


Chandelier Aromas Bion
The Bion collection.

Designed by Pepe Fornas, Bion is an extensive collection that includes a chandelier, wall light, floor, and table lamp. Its defining feature is a ribbed fan-like shade, a beautiful exercise in metalwork, which is available in matte black or white.


Portable lamp Aromas Bora
The Bora portable lamp in matte black (left) and ceramic (right).

Bora reverses the structure of a traditional table lamp. At the base is a fluted-glass shade, which is topped with a cylindrical container (available in metal or ceramic) to house all the electrical components. A synthetic leather loop is a cute detail to emphasise its portability.


Chandelier Aromas Dussa
The Dussa collection.

Another extensive collection designed by Pepe Fornas, Dussa includes a chandelier, pendant, wall light and table lamp. Its defining feature is a compact dome, which is available in travertine, white or black marble. The natural stone is beautifully heroed in the minimal form of the dome, making this quietly elegant collection one of LightCo’s favourites from AW22.


Pendant light Aromas Ison
The Ison pendant light in matte black (left) and matte gold (right).

Also designed by Pepe Fornas, Ison is a simple drop pendant with a hint of glamour owing to its fluted glass shade. This pendant is an addition to the current Ison collection which includes a table lamp, wall light and 5lt pendant.


Wall light Aromas Lass
The Lass wall light with matte black rim.

Lass casts the most serene shadow. A textured-glass back plate rimmed in metal, beautifully filters the light cast by a gold-crown light bulb. LightCo is mesmerised by this one and expects it will be very popular. Designed by Fornasevi.


Floor lamp Aromas Nooi
The Nooi floor lamp.

A cylindrical floor lamp with a soft presence owing to the creamy linen shade. Combined with the delicate tripod legs and ring detail on top, Nooi has a distinctly Japanese aesthetic. Designed by Pepe Fornas.


Wall light Aromas Rang
The Rang wall light in white resin and matte brass.

Rang reverberates with its resin back plate that is reminiscent of ripples on water. The metal bullseye directs light onto this back plate to highlight its sculptural form.


Pendant light Aromas Tana
The Tana collection.

Designed by JF Sevilla, Tana is another extensive collection for AW22 and includes a pendant, wall light and table lamp. It takes the compact dome form of Dussa and combines it with lines that have a distinctly Japanese feel. Tana is only available in matte black to accentuate its boldness.


Pendant light Aromas Tera
The Tera pendant light in matte brass.

Another simple drop pendant, the metal component is available in various finishes and is distinguished by a knurled detail.


Pendant light Aromas Tuya
The Tuya pendant light.

A cylindrical diffuser is screened by a black rattan shade. Beautifully finished with metal fixings, Tuya is an on-trend, bold pendant that will hold its own in any space. Designed by JF Sevilla.


Wall light Aromas Wave
The Wave wall light.

Wave is a similar concept to Rang, but the resin back plate has been swapped for alabaster, and the light is diffused by a gold-crown light bulb.


Ceiling light Aromas Ycro
The Ycro ceiling light in matte gold and matte black.

Linear and flexible spot lighting with the same knurled detail as Terra. These ceiling lights are an addition to the current Ycro collection which includes a table lamp, wall light and pendant.

It’s evident that AW22 in in keeping with Aromas’ balanced aesthetic with many inspiring designs for contemporary interiors. The Aromas AW22 catalogue is also available for you to download. If you want to know more, contact the LightCo team.


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